Monday, August 2, 2010

5 wks!

Puppies in their outdoor pen.  They have a tunnel for their enjoyment, and I will be adding more "fun" this week.
Reece runs right thru the tunnel
Ridge's eyes are about to bug out of his head he was so excited!
Ronni think the tunnels pretty cool!
Rose in the Tunnel with Reece in the back ground.  Rose is such a cutie!  Super sweet bitch!
So far at 5 wks I am liking some things about all of the puppies.  5 and 6 weeks are not my favorite age.  Really what can you tell....However I find that the ones that fairly good structure are easier to stack and get them to hold it naturally even at this age.  They are right around 3-4 lbs and eating raw at the moment.  I will continue to feed them raw til they move on to their new homes.  I am hoping to start placing them in their new homes at 8 weeks but will be running on the ones I am not sure of til 10-12 weeks.  Reece and Rose will be the first to go...These 2 are showing to have decent structure( of Course) and would love to find a performance home for them.  Will be watching their temperments as well as the others for performance.
I have 3 puppies I am watching, and although some of the pictures don't do them justice.  They are just starting to move around well across the yard.  
Would love to hear comments on the puppies.. you can either send them to the blog or privately.  I see them everyday and sometimes miss things or over look them.   Thats all for now...