Sunday, June 13, 2010

Newz at Toshay(yea I know hard to believe)

This is Bolin, AKA Toshays I BE Stolen from Ebonwald. She is naughty but so sweet! Has a fantastic voice.

This is Forrest. He is a Amy/Truman puppy. He is in the process of looking thru the Elton John songs to find his name.. a lot to choose from.

Why do i have time to write on my blog... Well because I have sprained my ankle and really I am not doing much but putting my foot in the air trying to get the swelling down. It is very colorful, but I hope healing. Got to get back to running!

Ruby is pregnant. She has lost her girly figure, but she is a happy pregnant mom! She is due the fourth of July..will have an x ray in a couple weeks, so I have an idea of a count.
Oh and I enjoyed my judging assignment Fargo! It was a nice entry and I had a couple of hard choices to make. Could have been different on any given day, but I would have taken home a couple of them! Thanks Garrett for asking me to judge sweeps and also inviting me to your home.
I enjoyed my visit with Garrett at his house in Minnesota. It was great to see how well he has done with his sheep, cattle and his dogs. It was a short stay, but I had a great time seeing the small part of minnesota that I got to see. Best part of the trip was the Harley ride! It was fantastic! OH the other best part...The puppy that flew home with me(see above cute red bitch)!