Monday, August 2, 2010

5 wks!

Puppies in their outdoor pen.  They have a tunnel for their enjoyment, and I will be adding more "fun" this week.
Reece runs right thru the tunnel
Ridge's eyes are about to bug out of his head he was so excited!
Ronni think the tunnels pretty cool!
Rose in the Tunnel with Reece in the back ground.  Rose is such a cutie!  Super sweet bitch!
So far at 5 wks I am liking some things about all of the puppies.  5 and 6 weeks are not my favorite age.  Really what can you tell....However I find that the ones that fairly good structure are easier to stack and get them to hold it naturally even at this age.  They are right around 3-4 lbs and eating raw at the moment.  I will continue to feed them raw til they move on to their new homes.  I am hoping to start placing them in their new homes at 8 weeks but will be running on the ones I am not sure of til 10-12 weeks.  Reece and Rose will be the first to go...These 2 are showing to have decent structure( of Course) and would love to find a performance home for them.  Will be watching their temperments as well as the others for performance.
I have 3 puppies I am watching, and although some of the pictures don't do them justice.  They are just starting to move around well across the yard.  
Would love to hear comments on the puppies.. you can either send them to the blog or privately.  I see them everyday and sometimes miss things or over look them.   Thats all for now...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

R X R 2 weeks old!

Here is individual pictures of the puppies and their names. This is the "R" litter. They are 2 weeks old in these pictures..the eye fairy has been visiting the puppies.. They are starting to find their voices, and also attempting to get up on their legs.. LOVE this age!






Ronni Ridge


Monday, July 5, 2010

Breeding Dogs

I finally have good mountain dogs with excellent hips and Elbows, and temperments! I have 2 generations of nice dogs! Well hold on to your hats people, because it can all be swepted away in one moment. YUP...I will be spaying both my Berner bitches, why? One has an equivical heart(SAS) and the other is Mild for SAS. Heart disease in Berner...Well yup! go figure. I bred my first Berner champion 8 yrs ago, dont breed a lot of them, only when I want something for myself....Very hard decision to spay nice bitchs, but I cant breed knowing that I could produce bad hearts in the puppies that will go to pet homes. This is also a damned if you do and damned if you dont... I have the Vets and students looking at me to do the right thing(spay) and then I have some other breeders saying WAIT! Dont throw the baby out with the bath water...Well call it what you will, but I have chosen to close this chapter of Toshay Kennels.. tough as it is to do..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Newz at Toshay(yea I know hard to believe)

This is Bolin, AKA Toshays I BE Stolen from Ebonwald. She is naughty but so sweet! Has a fantastic voice.

This is Forrest. He is a Amy/Truman puppy. He is in the process of looking thru the Elton John songs to find his name.. a lot to choose from.

Why do i have time to write on my blog... Well because I have sprained my ankle and really I am not doing much but putting my foot in the air trying to get the swelling down. It is very colorful, but I hope healing. Got to get back to running!

Ruby is pregnant. She has lost her girly figure, but she is a happy pregnant mom! She is due the fourth of July..will have an x ray in a couple weeks, so I have an idea of a count.
Oh and I enjoyed my judging assignment Fargo! It was a nice entry and I had a couple of hard choices to make. Could have been different on any given day, but I would have taken home a couple of them! Thanks Garrett for asking me to judge sweeps and also inviting me to your home.
I enjoyed my visit with Garrett at his house in Minnesota. It was great to see how well he has done with his sheep, cattle and his dogs. It was a short stay, but I had a great time seeing the small part of minnesota that I got to see. Best part of the trip was the Harley ride! It was fantastic! OH the other best part...The puppy that flew home with me(see above cute red bitch)!

Friday, April 9, 2010

already 8 weeks










Again.. Alex the CUTEST!

Pile of puppies after shots, deworming and microchips!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

show pix of Zayla

This is Zayla for those of you that don't know her. She is Ruby and Amy's mom. You can see I am new at this by the way she is stacked in the rear. Her rear is not that bad..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My puppies are cuter than your honor student!

This is Drifter a little out of order! But he looks like a beat him for this photo. Nice puppy!

Here are the 5.5 week old shots of the boyz! At this point, nice big ears, bones good, and nice temperments. They have 4 legs, tails, and all the other needed body parts... just hope at 8 weeks they are in the RIGHT place.


Force, for lack of better names...another nice puppy, lots of hair and not sure if he is a fluff. Time will tell.

Elton, Love this puppy! Has all the white in the right places..Hope his shoulders and rear is also!

This is Carter..another plain boy, but very handsome!

Bono who is a bit on the feisty side!

This is Alex..CUTEST ever! He is my little pup, but oh so sweet!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Babies photos

Here are some pictures of the babies and I will get individual ones up next week. I bit the bullet and signed up for Hughes net! UGH! I was tired of dial up and I can't get anything else. SO I will be able to blog from home. I can then start my new blog!
4 of the boyz in a 300 crate. They are getting big.
OMG!! Is this a cute face or what?

Jail faces!

This is the new digs in my livingroom. It take up most of my livingroom!