Saturday, August 16, 2008

The evaluation is tomorrow, and will be a big day for everyone. I will know who is staying and who will get to spend their lives in a forever home with the great people that have decided to take a puppy into their home. I am nervous, but have an idea as to who will stay. I will miss all the puppies...just not the clean up...
KEWL!! tunnels!
big open field! Oh my..notice the howling..

Stairs?? No Problem!

Aspen overlooking the puppies playing!!

We had a big adventure last Sunday..big dog photos standing on the table, and then we went for a BIG walk into the agility field. Boy was it fun. We even went down the stairs and meet up with a sprinkler that was running...FUN STUFF!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ruby group four at Yakima at the end of May, she also received a group 2 and a 3 at the Spokane shows in July
My second favorite border collie Rime, getting ready to trial! She is here for herding camp, but I am becoming attached. ( the nice quiet herding dog)

My favorite border Collie working at a nice quiet pace(dont blink)

Flint the wonder dog, and top cardigan boy! He is work in Excellent agility, and also Obedience..He will be my first versatility Excellent dog! If I can pry him off the couch!

This is me and my 2 favorite boyz! Rhain and Shadow. Rhain is the gone, not forgotten, and will always be in my heart! He was the start for me in a breed that I dearly love. Shadow is my protector and was one of the dogs who started me in Bernese.

This is Amy, have the "princess" pictures after finishing her Championship at the So. Cal Specialty.
Okay so I am a total slacker. But I have pictures to put, just gotta get em on here. I have just the mtn dogs but I will get someof the corgis up..IN FACT...I might be able to add some now...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 1/2 weeks old

big AAAAHHH!! I will have 6 week old pictures next week, and also picture of their first bath..Anyone want to come help.

Friday, August 1, 2008

More pictures of the babies..I will have individual ones now that the can stand. They are about 8-10 lbs now. Eating like horses, which means you know what else they are doing like horses. They are 5 weeks this past wedensday and have had a ton of visitors..havent ment a human they dont like!!

Enjoy the photos..

berner puppy pix!

Hi I thought I would post some pictures of the babies! THis is about 4 weeks old.